Stepping up
for our children.

UpLift extends beyond the traditional “eat better and exercise more” approach to health. It is a broader, more holistic program that takes into consideration school policy, the physical and social environment at each school, and the link between schools, families and communities. Modelled to align with the successful Health Promoting Schools initiative in Nova Scotia, (an international approach supported by the World Health Organization), UpLift builds on existing programs and partnerships to support health and learning for the next generation.


Our Approach

Schools are a critical setting where lifelong healthy habits are formed. UpLift brings together parents, students, teachers, community members and agencies and local businesses to create a healthy environment for students to learn and prosper.


Partnership and Collaboration 

Nova Scotia has many organizations that offer a variety of supports and programs for increasing physical activity, healthy nutrition and promoting mental wellness. UpLift acts as a catalyst to bring these groups together and unite everyone under the umbrella of health and wellness for our youth. Collaboration is key to culture change. Uplift is already building strong partnerships at the local, provincial and regional level.

School Engagement

UpLift works closely with school staff and communities to identify priorities, opportunities and partners that can be brought together to meet local needs. There are already great examples across Nova Scotia to inspire communities with what’s possible.


Youth Leadership

UpLift involves students as change agents for their school, as well as for their families and community, through leadership training, a recognition and awards program, youth leadership grants and scholarships. Having students actively participate in decisions that impact them increases success and acknowledges the great skills and strengths they bring to the table.

Research and Evaluation

UpLift will continually be evaluated to assess the impact, effectiveness and help in understanding the scale of change required over time. This will enable the ongoing improvement of UpLift as its rolled out to new schools and communities and ensure that we reach our desired health outcomes at all levels.


Building Capacity and Skills

UpLift supports school communities to develop and manage their own programs. Training and learning opportunities enable students, teachers, parents and community partners to build their knowledge, and develop the skills and capacity to incorporate UpLift into their own school and community.

Communication and Knowledge Sharing

A virtual Community of Practice provides an online space for members to work together and serves as a hub for tools and resources. In addition to making it easy to collaborate and share information, the Community of Practice will help schools implement UpLift, engage students, track and improve progress and share experiences with other schools.