About UpLift


Our Approach

Uplift is about strengthening our collective action to support the health and wellbeing of children and youth within their school communities. We do this through fostering partnerships across parents, youth, teachers, community groups and local businesses to create the conditions that allow youth to learn and prosper.

UpLift empowers children and youth to take the lead in creating school communities that are healthy, vibrant, caring and connected. Priority-setting for UpLift is supported by an Advisory Committee of key stakeholders, currently co-chaired by representatives from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

UpLift builds on the best evidence and research. The impact of UpLift will continually be evaluated to ensure ongoing success and sustainability.


Our Strategies


Youth Leadership

UpLift involves youth as change agents for their school, families and communities. Engaging youth to actively participate in decisions that impact them increases efficacy of programs and policies and acknowledges the skills and knowledge that they bring to the table.

School Engagement

UpLift works closely with school staff and communities to identify priorities, opportunities and partners that can be brought together to meet local needs. UpLift aims to empower schools to create sustainable change which will continue to improve health and learning outcomes for generations to come.

Photos courtesy of Government of Nova Scotia

Photos courtesy of Government of Nova Scotia

Partnerships and Collaboration

There are many organizations across Nova Scotia that offer a variety of resources to foster healthy environments and healthy public policy. UpLift acts as a catalyst to bring these groups together and unite everyone under the umbrella of health and wellbeing for our children and youth.

Capacity building

UpLift supports school communities to incorporate healthy policies and practices based upon existing Health Promoting Schools policies and practices. Training and learning opportunities enable youth, teachers, parents and community partners to build their knowledge, and develop their skills and capacity. UpLift will be a hub for tools and resources to help schools, youth and staff to implement healthy policies and practices within their own school communities.